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Ben Carson is a famous surgeon and politician who has also made his mark in the world of brain supplements.

As a neurosurgeon, Ben Carson knows that the human brain needs certain nutrients in order to function at its best. He also knows that there are certain lifestyle factors that can affect the health of your brain. For this reason he claims that by providing essential nutrients for your brain. it helps enhance cognitive abilities

Many brain supplements are marketed as an all-natural way to improve mental performance and focus without any side effects or risks associated with prescription medications.

What Brain Supplement Does Ben Carson use?

The Intellegencer online publication published this about what brain supplement Ben Carson takes.

Then, less than a second after mocking the implication that he had ever helped to promote Mannatech’s supplements, Carson took the opportunity to promote Mannatech’s supplements. “Do I take the product? Yes. I think it’s a good product,” he said.

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Why Is Ben Carson linked to brain supplements

Ben Carson has been linked to brain supplements after the Wall Street Journal investigated his ties with Mannatech. This is a company that sells these supplements, but they are not FDA-approved. The WSJ reported on how Carson had given speeches for the company and introduced them to potential partners.

Ben Carson believes that nootropics and brain supplements can be used to improve brain health and cognitive function. He has been advocating for their use in his book “You Have a Brain” where he discusses how they can be used as a tool to better oneself.

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